DAF Trucks delivers 44 city sanitation vehicles to Belgrade

DAF Trucks delivers 44 city sanitation vehicles to Belgrade

Service, reliability and total package behind decision to choose DAF.

20th July 2020 | DAF UK

DAF has delivered 44 fully-fitted city sanitation vehicles to Belgrade, the capital of the Republic of Serbia. The consignment consists of LF and CF trucks with diverse chassis configurations and a wide range of bodies. 

DAF vehicles now make up half of the fleet of 200 city sanitation vehicles in Belgrade. The decision to award the most recent tender once again to DAF was based on three key elements: a proven track record on service, fleet reliability and the fact that the Gradska Ćistoća city cleaning company can purchase and service the fully-fitted vehicles, including bodies and equipment, directly from its local dealer, Braca Crnomarkovic.

Garbage trucks
Gradska Ćistoća is responsible not only for all household waste collection in Belgrade but also for cleaning the streets and keeping the roads passable during snowfall. In addition to waste collection trucks fitted with rear loaders, side loaders and top loaders with a capacity of 18 and 22 m3, the order also includes tank trucks for spraying the streets and sweeper trucks that can be easily converted into snow ploughs in the winter.

Serbian capital growing
“Belgrade continues to grow as a city, as does its population,” according to Marko Popadic, director of Gradska Ćistoća. “Currently, there are 1.7 million people living in the city and its suburbs. So the workload is increasing and that’s why our services have to become better and faster. This means that the service provided by the DAF dealer organisation and the reliability of the vehicles is of crucial importance to us. Replacing our existing vehicles with new DAFs has helped make our staff’s work more efficient, safer and cleaner.”

Extremely proud
“We have never seen an order of this size before in Serbia,” says Richard Zink, member of the DAF Board of Management with responsibility for Marketing & Sales. “Together with DAF dealer Braca Crnomarkovic we have delivered a total package that perfectly matches the needs of Gradska Ćistoća. This city cleaning company now has a fleet of around 100 DAFs working to keep the streets of Belgrade clean. And that’s something we’re extremely proud of.”

DAF Trucks delivers 44 city sanitation vehicles to Belgrade

DAF Trucks has delivered no fewer than 44 fully-fitted city sanitation vehicles to the city cleaning company in Belgrade